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Valorant devs planning huge KAY/O, Phoenix & Yoru changes in testing

Valorant devs have revealed changes to KAY/O, Phoenix and Yoru are coming to the game's PBE following Episode 5's release.

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How to play Yoru: Valorant’s sneaky Duelist Agent

Yoru, Valorant's Japanese Duelist, packs a punch on the flank. If you want to pick up the Agent, here's all you need to know to master him.

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Valorant's Yoru is getting a new ability just like Mirage in Apex Legends

Yoru has been one of Valorant's worst agents for a long time, but after this rework, he's going to feel more like Mirage from Apex Legends.

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Yoru rework in Valorant revealed: Ability changes, release date

Yoru's rework is coming in Valorant Episode 4: Check out all the ability changes to the Japanese duelist, and its release date, here.

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Valorant Duelist tier list: Which Agent is best for you?

Looking for Valorant's best Duelist Agent? Here's Jett, Phoenix, Reyna, Raze and Yoru ranked in our dedicated tier list.

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Yoru buffs still on the table as Valorant duelist flounders in Episode 3

Yoru buffs have been on Riot's mind for months in Valorant, but there's a few hurdles still in the way before they come in Episode 3.

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