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dephh: It's time for XSET to "break through and say 'f*** y'all'"

XSET dephh on the team's chances to make their first international event and the rising talent in the North American VCT circuit.

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Women in Esports: Sjokz, Frankie & more break down the challenges & goals

Women from around the esports industry spoke to Dexerto about 2021, what went well and what still needs to change for women in esports

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Denver Broncos star Justin Simmons joins XSET

XSET have furthered their ties to the world of sports by welcoming American football star Justin Simmons to their ranks.

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The genius Valorant roster moves that beat Sentinels

XSET could very well challenge Sentinels to be NA's best VALORANT team, if their new big-brain IGL can find a way to lead them to the top.

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