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Sodapoppin claims Blizzard has "personal vendetta" against him following WoW success

Sodapoppin, who found fame as a popular World of Warcraft player, has claimed that someone at Activision Blizzard "f**king hates him."

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WoW players demand major changes for future expansions

World of Warcraft players are demanding changes to the game’s ability to experience previous expansions' story.

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WoW players call for simple Mage Tower change to help some classes

World of Warcraft players have had their struggles with the Mage Tower. One player, in particular, might have found a solution.

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How to unlock Torghast in WoW: Shadowlands

WoW Shadowlands: Chains of Domination is here, but how do you unlock Torghast? Find out how, and all of the changes in this guide.

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WoW Shadowlands review: Blizzard back on form with a gripping story

WoW Shadowlands is out, and with it, comes our review. Here, we detail whether we think the expansion is a hit or a miss in Azeroth.

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The best race for each class in WoW Shadowlands

Need to find out the best race for each class in WoW Shadowlands? From Rogues to Worgen, Undead, and Mages - we've got our top picks right here.

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