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What are Dragons in TFT Set 7? New mechanic explained

Dragons are the unique set mechanic of TFT Set 7, Dragonlands: here's how the ultra-powerful units work, and what they do.

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Every TFT Set 7 champion & trait added for Dragonlands expansion

TFT Set 7 is introducing new champions, traits, and dragons into the League of Legends autobattler: here's the full list.

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TFT's Hextech Augments to stay in Set 7, but Riot won't commit to long-term future

Hextech Augments have been a success in TFT Set 6. While their immediate Set 7 future is secured, change could be coming in the long-term.

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What we know about TFT Set 7: New champions, traits, Dragon mechanic

TFT Set 7 is coming with new champions, traits, and a Dragons mechanic building on Hextech Augments: Here's what we know.

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