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Fans want Chip N’ Dale fighting game after spotting Smash Ultimate reference in new movie

Nintendo fans like the sound of a Disney-inspired Smash Ultimate clone after spotting a brief easter egg in Chip N' Dale: Rescue Rangers.

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Smash players want major overhaul to Mario's moveset in next game

Super Smash Bros players are not happy with Mario's outdated moveset and are calling for it to be overhauled.

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Among Us in Smash? Fan adds the imposter to Smash Bros because Nintendo won't

An avid Super Smash Bros Ultimate fan has created a brilliant Among Us crossover, after Nintendo stopped adding characters to the game.

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Sakurai reveals the lucky miracle that got Kingdom Hearts' Sora into Smash Ultimate

Smash Ultimate's Masahiro Sakurai revealed the miracle that got Kingdom Hearts' Sora added to Fighters Pass Volume 2 as a late addition.

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Sakurai reveals insane Smash Ultimate gameplay feature that was scrapped

Smash Ultimate creator Sakurai revealed why he had to scrap a new gameplay mechanic that would have completely revamped the fighter.

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