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Street Fighter 6 fans kick off after Capcom changes "iconic" Ryu theme

Capcom debuted Ryu's new theme in Street Fighter 6, but some fans are unhappy with the change from his "iconic" theme of older titles.

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Street Fighter 6 Character Roster: All confirmed & leaked fighters

Capcom has revealed more about the Street Fighter 6 roster. Here is everything to know about all confirmed and leaked fighters in the game.

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Street Fighter 6 devs confirm highly requested online features will return

Capcom has confirmed Street Fighter 6 will bring back rollback netcode and crossplay between platforms for the new Battle Hub mode.

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Capcom responds to massive Street Fighter 6 roster leak

Capcom has officially responded to Street Fighter 6's massive roster leak via Street Fighter's Twitter account.

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Street Fighter 6 roster leak reveals new and familiar characters

A Street Fighter 6 roster leak is circulating online, with concept art showing off 22 different characters - new and familiar faces included.

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Street Fighter 6 fans spot new fighter after State of Play reveal

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted a new Street Fighter 6 character after the game was revealed at the June PlayStation State of Play.

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