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Snip3down teases Apex Legends pro return amid Halo Infinite concerns: “I'm not happy”

FaZe Clan's Snip3down teased a return to the ALGS after a brief stint back on Halo esports that saw him leave Apex Legends last year.

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Snip3down reveals why he’ll keep playing Apex Legends while competing in Halo

Halo veteran Snip3down has explained why he still enjoys Apex Legends despite competing for FaZe Clan in the HCS, giving the BR a few advantages over...

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Snip3down explains why he can't team with Nickmercs in ALGS

Halo veteran FaZe Snip3down was set to dominate ALGS with NICKMERCS but may have to drop out ahead of the competition.

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NICKMERCS lures Snip3down back to ALGS following TSM departure

NICKMERCS and Halo veteran Snip3down have announced that they are teaming up for the upcoming ALGS event in February. 

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Snip3down leaves TSM Apex Legends to pursue Halo Infinite with FaZe

Former Halo legend Snip3down is officially leaving TSM's Apex Legends team in order to pursue Halo Infinite with FaZe Clan.

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Snip3down explains why Halo Infinite's strong aim assist will never be nerfed

Controller aim assist in Halo Infinite has been a hot topic since launch but veteran pro Snip3down has explained why it’ll never change.

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