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Valorant devs planning huge KAY/O, Phoenix & Yoru changes in testing

Valorant devs have revealed changes to KAY/O, Phoenix and Yoru are coming to the game's PBE following Episode 5's release.

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Phoenix & Cypher in line for Valorant buffs, but Riot aren't rushing them

Riot have teased Valorant buffs for original Agents Phoenix and Cypher, but players be warned: they're not coming soon.

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Valorant fans demand Phoenix buffs as "mediocre" agent continues to struggle

Valorant fans have demanded buffs to Phoenix as the "mediocre" agent continues to struggle in-game with his 45.7% win rate.

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Crazy Valorant Phoenix buff idea would be perfect meta shake-up

Valorant players are suggesting a crazy buff idea for Phoenix, and it could be exactly what the duelist needs to fit back in the meta.

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Valorant Duelist tier list: Which Agent is best for you?

Looking for Valorant's best Duelist Agent? Here's Jett, Phoenix, Reyna, Raze and Yoru ranked in our dedicated tier list.

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