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For Ethan, joining NRG Valorant brings a sense of nostalgia

Ethan talked with Dexerto about his move to NRG, qualifying for VCT Stage 2 Challengers and what this chapter of his career is all about.

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Alleged Warzone hacker to be flown out by NRG for gameplay & lie detector tests

The Call of Duty: Warzone pro and alleged cheater, Shifty, is now been given a chance to fly out and prove his innocence on NRG's PCs.

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Daequan finally breaks silence on NRG house's shock collapse: "I blame myself"

Popular Forttar nite sDaequan has ended a 113-day hiatus from Twitch streaming to finally reveal what happened to NRG’s Thoom house.

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Who’s in Daequan and Hamlinz’ NRG Thoom House?

Daequan and Hamlinz brought seven of their friends with them to the NRG Thoom House, but who exactly are they?

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Daequan & Hamlinz officially join NRG and finally return to the internet

Former TSM duo Hamlinz and Daequan have officially joined NRG – returning to the internet after years of nothing but silence.

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