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Pokemon Go player searching for missing friend in Ukraine finally gets good news

A Pokemon Go player gets good news about a friend who was affected by the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. A Pokemon Go player gets good...

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All Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go Air Adventures: Mega Latios & Latias, more

A variety of new shiny Pokemon have the chance to appear during the Air Adventures Event in Pokemon Go this month. A variety of new shiny Pokemon...

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Transcript explains LAPD firings after cops caught playing Pokemon Go on the job

A full transcript of the incident surrounding two LAPD officers who were fired for catching a Snorlax while playing Pokemon Go on the job has been...

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Pokemon Go player submits hilarious PokeStop and dog owners want it approved

This PokeStop submission would be hilarious if it makes it through the submission process. Dog owners out there are hoping for the best.

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Pokemon Go boycott: Players strike over Niantic decision

The ongoing feud between Pokemon Go players and Niantic is set to reach boiling point, as fans plot a “Pokemon NO Day” revolt.

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