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100 Thieves' Fuslie & JHB want to see Pokimane fight Valkyrae in Creator Clash 2

100 Thieves' Fuslie, and JHB revealed they want to see Valkyrae and Pokimane fight in the next Creator Clash, among others.

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Neeko picks perfect date for Valkyrae and it's a farmer

Neeko picked the perfect date for YouTube streamer Valkyrae during one of 100 Thieves' game shows - and to her surprise, it was a farmer.

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When Twitch streamers become rich: Why are fans outraged?

Why is their such outrage when streamers buy expensive things or homes? Because viewers are still naive about their favorite stars.

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PewDiePie mocks Neekolul's "hideous" $2 million home

Pewdiepie reacted to Neekolul's controversial apartment tour on July 28. In the video, he said the design was "hideous" and...

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