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LuluLuvely explains why she's thinking about quitting Apex Legends forever

Popular streamer LuluLuvely has explained why she's considering saying "farewell" to Apex Legends and quitting the game forever.

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Aceu claims Wraith is no longer "meta" in Apex Legends because of new characters

Popular Apex Legends streamer Brandon 'aceu' Winn has claimed Wraith is no longer "meta" as she's been overshadowed by newer...

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LuluLuvely, Pokimane & more Twitch streamers call out men sexualising them on Reddit

Lululuvely was joined by other female Twitch streamers in calling out Reddit for not taking action against the inappropriate posts.

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Twitch star LuluLovely describes how she fell for insane $5,000 banking scam

LuluLovely explained during her stream that someone accessed her information and scammed her out of $5,000.

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Apex Legends streamer Lululuvely has perfect response to sexist trolls in Twitch chat

Luluvely decided to fight fire with fire when a sexist troll tried to tell her to "get in the kitchen" mid-Twitch stream.

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LuluLuvely & Pokimane blast viewers who "shame" Twitch streamers' relationships

Twitch streamer LuluLuvely has slammed male viewers for "shaming" her new relationship. This comes after Sweet Anita spoke out on July 20.

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