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Pokimane responds to Linus' "hurtful" comments about her over Twitch issues

Pokimane has responded to LinusTechTips' "hurtful comments" after the streaming star suggests changes to Twitch's advertisments.

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PewDiePie reveals how he lost LinusTechTips custom Minecraft PC

YouTuber PewDiePie opened up and revealed how he lost possession of his custom Minecraft Creeper PC built by Linus Tech Tips.

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Linus Tech Tips shares long-awaited verdict on Valve's Steam Deck: "There's no competition"

Linus admits there’s still some questions to be answered on Valve’s handheld gaming PC, but at its price point it can’t be beat.

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Hasan trolled by Linus Tech Tips with hilarious custom PC Easter Egg

Twitch streamer Hasan found out his custom-built PC from Linus Tech Tips has a few Easter eggs hidden inside it.

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Linus Tech Tips gifts Hasan communist PC with "Eat The Rich" passcode

Twitch streamer Hasan was trolled by YouTuber Linus Tech Tips when he made him a "communist" PC with a few gags built in.

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Linus Tech Tips claims YouTube didn’t care about community concerns during dislike meeting

YouTube’s decision to remove dislike counts isn’t going over well with users, but Linus said the company doesn’t care.

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