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Apex Legends dev confirms Lifeline will not be changed in Season 13

Despite calls from the community for a Lifeline buff in Season 13, the devs have confirmed that she will not be receiving any changes.

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Infinite range Lifeline healing drone glitch returns in Apex Legends

An overpowered Lifeline bug that gives the Combat Medic's Tactical infinite range has returned in Apex Legends Season 12.

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Complete Lifeline rework idea would be perfect for Apex Legends Season 13

As Apex Legends players have been suggesting ways to buff Lifeline, dataminer KralRindo has got a pretty clever rework idea that would overhaul the...

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10 best Lifeline skins in Apex Legends

Apex Legends' adorable combat medic, Lifeline, has a whole plethora of awesome skins, but here are our top ten cosmetics.

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Apex Legends fans suggest potential Lifeline buffs for Season 11

Lifeline has had little love from the Respawn since her rework in Apex Legends Season 9, and players are suggesting changes they want to see.

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