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LA Guerrillas add Neptune and Spart to starting roster for Major 4

The LA Guerrillas are making big changes ahead of the Major 4 qualifiers in hopes of keeping their spot in Champs.

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The secrets behind CoD's most shocking Major win | Esports Stories

With an incredible Loser's Bracket run and a meta-breaking Volk loadout, the LA Guerrillas shocked everyone by winning CDL Major 2.

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CoD Pro Spart's OP Volk loadout breaks Vanguard meta at $500k event

Spart broke the Vanguard CDL meta by pulling out the Volk at Major 2, and he dominated his opponents. Here's his exact loadout.

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Crimsix reveals forced retirement fears in heated exchange with LA Guerrillas GM

Crimsix has claimed that offseason discussions with LA Guerrillas almost ended in the worst way, in a heated exchange with the org's GM.

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LA Guerrillas and Gladiators owners launching Valorant esports team

The owners of the LA Guerrillas and Gladiators seem to be preparing to launch a brand new esports team sometime soon.

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Arsenal & LA Rams owner launches esports brand alongside LA Guerrillas & Gladiators

Arsenal & LA Rams owner launches new esports brand alongside LA Guerrillas & Gladiators called The Guard and will enter Valorant.

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