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KOTOR 2 devs advise players to use cheats to bypass Nintendo Switch glitch

In a post on its support page, Aspyr advises players to utilize cheats in order to bypass a glitch that disrupts KOTOR 2's ending on Switch.

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Star Wars fans blast KOTOR II port for game-breaking bug: “No way to complete this game”

Star Wars fans have been reeling from a KOTOR 2 bug that's consistently crashing the game with no ETA for a fix.

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Knights of The Old Republic Remake: Platforms, trailer, leaks & everything we know

The legendary KOTOR is getting a remake. Here's all we know about the Knights of the Old Republic remake from Aspyr.

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Knights of The Old Republic PS5 Remake announced: Release date, trailer, more

One of the most beloved MMOs is coming back, and this time around, Knights of The Old Republic will be arriving on the PS5.

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