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Valorant devs planning huge KAY/O, Phoenix & Yoru changes in testing

Valorant devs have revealed changes to KAY/O, Phoenix and Yoru are coming to the game's PBE following Episode 5's release.

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How to play KAY/O in Valorant: Abilities, tips & tricks

If you're looking to terminate Future Earth's Radiants as Valorant's KAY/O, you'll need to master his abilities. Here's how.

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Valorant Initiator tier list: Which Agent is best for you?

Valorant's Initiators are some of the most enjoyable Agents in the game, but how do they stack up against each other?

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Excel's Happy explains why Valorant's KAY/O won't crack VCT meta

Ahead of VCT Stage 3, we caught up with EXCEL's Valorant IGL, Happy, to chat about the impact KAY/O will have on professional play.

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KAY/O revealed as Valorant’s 17th Agent: abilities, release date

Valorant's newest Agent has been revealed as KAY/O, the merciless robotic Initiator. Here's everything we know, including abilities and...

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