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Pokimane commends JiDion for 'most racist town' YouTube video: "He'd do anything for content"

JiDion's most recent YouTube video has taken the internet by storm, with Pokimane showering the creator with praise on stream.

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Jidion slams Hasan for "patronizing" reaction to viral YouTube video: "I know what racism is"

YouTuber Jidion is hitting out at Twitch star Hasan after the broadcaster reacted to his video visiting the "most racist town in America."

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JiDion hits out at Twitch for unbanning streamer after shooting threat

JiDion has levied some criticisms toward Twitch after the platform reinstated a streamer who made threats toward its staff.

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JiDion goes viral after getting haircut on sidelines of NBA game

JiDion went viral on social media after being spotted getting a haircut on the sidelines of an NBA game on March 25.

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