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Final Fantasy 16 devs worked on canceled game almost identical to Bloodborne

Devs working on Final Fantasy 16 have revealed details on an unreleased IP that shares many similarities with FromSoftware's Bloodborne.

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Bloodborne deserves a sequel before Elden Ring

Elden Ring has achieved more mainstream success than thought possible, but despite this, we think it's time for a Bloodborne sequel.

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Top 10 hardest video games & franchises in history: Where does Elden Ring rank?

There have been some truly horrendously difficult video games in history, and we've picked out our top 10 toughest titles.

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Elden Ring fans obsessed with Bloodborne-inspired secret "Pizza Cutter" weapon

Elden Ring players are delighted by a new, secret discovery: Ghiza's Wheel, a spiritual successor to Bloodborne's "Pizza Cutter"...

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Top 10 game franchises that desperately need a sequel in 2022

Despite 2022 already being stacked, here is a selection of top video game names that we feel deserve to have a sequel in 2022.

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