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Where to find Shroodle & Grafaiai in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Where to find Shroodle & Grafaiai in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet  Image
  • Posted on 18th Nov, 2022 10:05 AM

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players will be able to catch and raise a Shroodle to obtain Grafaiai following the information in this guide.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans are excited to find and raise Grafaiai, the new Poison/Normal-Type seen in early trailers for the game. Here is everything fans need to know to find Shroodle and evolve it into Grafaiai.

Pokemon with moves that inflict status conditions are particularly useful for strategy-driven trainers, and Scarlet & Violet have introduced new options for players to pick between. One of the most useful status conditions is Poison, which slowly reduces the opponent’s health at the end of each turn – and Grafaiai could be the perfect choice for the job.

Grafaiai, which evolves from Shroodle, has the ability Poison Touch. This creates an opening for the Pokemon to Poison its opponent following contact moves. The Poison/Normal-Type is described as “moody” in its official description and has a quirky design that may appeal to fans of Galarian Zigzagoon or Impidimp.

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Below is everything Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans need to know about Shroodle, and how to evolve it into Grafaiai.

Where to find Shroodle in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon trainers looking to find and raise Shroodle will find it in wooded areas around Paldea:

  • West Province (Area Three)
  • Tagtree Thicket
  • East Province (Area One) by the coast
  • East Province (Area Two) by the rivers
The Pokemon CompanyShroodle can appear all over Paldea

Where to find Grafaiai in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon trainers will also be able to find an evolved Grafaiai in the Tagtree Thicket.

It will note appear in any other area of Paldea.

The Pokemon CompanyGrafaiai can be found in one area of Paldea

How to evolve Shroodle into Grafaiai

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players who have caught and raised Shroodle will see it evolve into Grafaiai at level 28.

Both Pokemon would make an excellent choice for a Poison-Type. Players could also choose to mix it with other Poison-Type options like Glimmora or Gengar, creating a powerful, status effect team.

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Where to find Shroodle & Grafaiai in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet View Story

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