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What are Raids in Modern Warfare 2? New mode explained

What are Raids in Modern Warfare 2? New mode explained  Image
  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 18:29 PM

For the first time ever, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will introduce a 'Raids' game mode to the series featuring intense 3v3 action.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will be welcoming a new concept called ‘Raids’ after the game’s launch and it will be a 3v3 game mode with a “focus on team communication.”

Activision’s Modern Warfare 2 is not only a follow-up to 2019’s well-received reboot, but it’s set to be one of the biggest innovators in the franchise in years.

Understandably, for long-term fans, Warzone 2 is a big focus in 2022, but Modern Warfare 2 is most certainly coming for the spotlight with its thrilling-looking campaign and revised multiplayer component.

New game modes, maps, and a lot more are all part and parcel of an annual CoD multiplayer gaming experience, and Raids is looking to shake up the game’s foundations one more time – we have all the latest on it.

Modern Warfare 2 Raids mode explained

Raids are a new inclusion for this year’s Call of Duty with Activision having this to say on the mode: “A whole new experience for the franchise, Raids will be coming later this year after launch. Raids will be 3v3 and focus on team communication and coordination like never before.”

Details are a bit vague for the time being, so we don’t know if Raids will be closer to the 3v3 Team Tactical mode of the past, or if it will take on modern Raid elements as seen in Destiny 2 and other games.

Whereas other features will likely hog the limelight in Modern Warfare 2 such as classic killstreaks and legendary maps, a new piece of content is always welcome.

Modern Warfare 2 Raids release date period

What we do know for certain is that this fresh take on the CoD formula will be arriving after Modern Warfare 2’s release – similar to Warzone 2.

It’s possible Raids will drop in when the inevitable Season 1 starts in November/December and could be one of the first, big exciting content drops for what is sure to be a crazy year for Call of Duty fans.

That’s all we know about Modern Warfare 2’s Raids mode, stay tuned as we learn more details about it and the game in general.

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