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Urshifu revealed in Pokemon Unite: Release date, moves, stats, more

Urshifu revealed in Pokemon Unite: Release date, moves, stats, more  Image
  • Posted on 25th Nov, 2022 02:05 AM

Pokemon Unite Urshifu was teased as a future playable pick, and plays as a melee front liner who has two forms.

An exciting new pick is joining the Pokemon Unite lineup: Urshifu. Following many other recent additions to Pokemon Unite, this new character offers new moves, playstyles, and meta changes for fans to enjoy.

Urshifu is a bear-like Pokemon who uses martial arts to take names. It evolves from Kubfu, and was introduced to the series in Generation VIII.

It was teased in the Pokemon Unite beta testing server on November 8. In the mainline game entries, Urshifu has two different base forms: Rapid Strike Style and Single Strike Style. These forms make their way to Pokemon Unite as well, but Urshifu’s mega evolutions will not be implemented.

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Here is everything currently known about the new Pokemon Unite character.


Pokemon Unite Urshifu release date

There’s little information publicly available for Urshifu’s release date in Pokemon Unite, but we can always speculate.

Since Sableye releases on November 16, it’s highly likely Urshifu launches two weeks after on November 30. If it doesn’t drop in two weeks, Timi may be planning to release the new Pokemon Unite pick in the middle of the next month, December 14.

Urshifu Stats in Pokemon Unite

The stats for Urshifu were datamined by ‘ElChicoEevee‘. It appears Urshifu deals physical attack, and not special attack. This correlates with its trends from the main line series.

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Twitter: ElChicoEevee

Urshifu evolves from Kubfu at level five. And upon reaching level five, the player will have the option to choose between two different moves, which determine the Pokemon’s form for the rest of the game.

Pokemon Unite Urshifu moves

As previously mentioned, Urshifu has the option to choose one of two moves upon reaching level five: Surging Strike or Wicked Blow.

Choosing Surging Strike forces the Urshifu player to learn Throat Chop, while learning Wicked Blow forces you to use Liquidation. For those confused as to how this works, think of Urshifu’s different forms and moves the same way as Scizor and Scyther work in the game.

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In essence, each form and move set has its own strengths, but upon initially choosing, the player is locked with that form for the rest of the game.

These moves were leaked by ElChicoEevee on Twitter. And as of November 10, there are no full move descriptions available just yet.

Expect this page to receive updates as more information officially rolls out.

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