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TikToker slams CVS after refusing to refund “scam” $100 gift card

TikToker slams CVS after refusing to refund “scam” $100 gift card  Image
  • Posted on 11th Nov, 2022 18:35 PM

A TikToker has gone viral slamming CVS after they wouldn't refund a giftcard she purchased that was missing the numbers needed.

A TikToker has gone viral after uploading a video slamming CVS Pharmacy after they refused to refund a $100 gift card after she realized it was missing the card numbers and security code — rendering it useless.

Its officially the holiday season for most of the world, which has many people shopping for gifts for family and friends.

TikToker Lovem_or_Losem recently went to CVS to get a few $100 VISA gift cards, one for herself and two for gifts, and quickly learned that one of them was missing the card numbers needed to be able to use it.

Now, she’s taken to TikTok to slam the company as Lovem claim’s they refuse to refund the unusable gift card.

TikToker slams CVS for refusing to refund “scam” gift card

On October 26, Lovem_or_losem uploaded a video where she explains her situation, and is visibly frustrated.

“Let me tell you. I go to CVS last night and purchase the $100 Visa vanilla gift card. I then go to the grocery store and attempt to use it. It doesn’t swipe. Then I realize it’s missing four numbers and the CVC code,” she revealed.

“I go back to the CVS this morning to see what they can do and help me… he then walks over, grabs all the rest of the vanilla gift cards, and opens every single one of them. Then he goes ‘All these ones are fine and we’ve had a problem with people coming in and they’ve removed the numbers with nail police remover and then we’re out the money.'”

She then revealed the CVS worker gave her a phone number to reach corporate and told her “good luck.”

Viewers quickly flooded the comments with their thoughts about the situation, with many explaining that gift cards are always non-refundable.

“You have proof u put 100$ on it so why would you scam them to get your 100$ back?” one user replied.

Another user replied: “Honestly, idk why they told you that, I used to work for CVS and NO MATTER THE SITUATION, those gift cards, ALL GIFT CARDS are non-refundable.

“I worked at CVS for a decade. it says on the receipt that all gift cards are final sale. Once CVS activates the card it’s out of their hands,” a third user replied.

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