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The Devil in Me: How to save everyone & get the best ending

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  • Posted on 22nd Nov, 2022 15:05 PM

Want to keep everyone alive in The Devil in Me to get the happiest ending? Here's what you'll need to do to keep save every character.

Want to keep everyone alive in The Devil in Me to get the happiest ending? Here’s what you’ll need to do to save every character – including Connie the lost dog.

As with earlier entries in The Dark Pictures Anthology, The Devil in Me can end in a bloodbath, or some of your charges can make it out alive. However, if you want to make sure every member of the unfortunate film crew lives to tell the tale, then follow the instructions below.

Here, we’ll detail what you need to do when the time comes in order to have characters positioned to survive encounters in the game rather than be caught by surprise. Remember, you’ll still have some work to do, activating quick-time events correctly, but if you do everything below, each member of the team will still be breathing by the time the credits roll.

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Supermassive GamesKate is largely safe until the end of The Devil in Me.

How to save everyone in The Devil in Me

To save everyone in the Devil in Me you’ll need to make sure you’re ready for the chapters that have lethal consequences for the characters. This isn’t every chapter, so below we’ll include only the ones that require action to keep every member of Lonnit Entertainment alive:

Blackout – Saving Erin

The chapter ‘Blackout’ is the first time a character can die and the person in harm’s way is Erin.

Erin will be trapped in a dark room while she has an asthma attack as Du’Met menaces her from the shadows. Not wanting to murder her so soon, the killer will offer Erin her inhaler and you’ll need to make a choice that can decide her fate.

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When Du’Met offers the inhaler, make sure you accept it and don’t attack Du’Met! If you do, he’ll retaliate and kill Erin instantly. If Erin, takes the inhaler, she’ll survive this encounter.

Silver Ash – Saving Erin

Erin is potentially on the chopping board again in Silver Ash while she explores Du’Met’s creepy workshop. She’ll then hear Jamie’s voice over a PA system frantically telling her to hide as the killer is coming for her.

You’ll then be given a choice to either hide or run. Choose to hide in the closet instead of running. If Erin runs, then Du’Met will catch her and it’s game over for this character. If she hides, the killer will simply walk through the room looking for her – lingering for an agonizing period of time.

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Ignition – Saving Charlie

It’s now Charlie’s turn to play cat and terrified mouse with Du’Met. Throughout the story, Charlie hasn’t been coping well with his nicotine dependence and the killer exploits this.

Eventually, Charlie’s mission to pursue what may be his last cigarette leads him to fall into a Saw-style trap room. Soon the room is set on fire and you’ll need to make a choice to either try and pry open the door or to open a grate and hide under the floor.

Choose to try and escape through the floor and do not try the door. It will take two or three tries to move the heavy grate, but Charlie eventually succeeds and avoid dying in the fire. If he tries the door instead, he’ll eventually get his arm stuck and die.

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The game will leave Charlie’s fate ambiguous for a while, but if you choose to hide under the floor, the good director will soon rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

Waste Disposal – Saving Charlie

However, Charlie isn’t out of the woods yet. While Du’Met will seem satisfied to believe Charlie is dead, this can quickly change if you fail a QTE over an industrial shredder.

Charlie will need to hold his breath and not alert Du’Met to his presence. Fail this, and it’s crunch time for Charlie.

Supermassive GamesCharlie is desperate to get his team to safety – and find a cigarette.

Breathless – Saving Erin

This next death can feel a little cheap if it’s your first playthrough, but there is an easy way to avoid it. The game simply doesn’t do much to highlight the escape route.

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Here, both Erin and Kate will be trapped in a Saw-style trap room in which the oxygen is sucked out of the two pods each is trapped in. Jamie and Mark will need to decide who to save – and who to condemn to a gasping death.

Kate is actually safe from death at this point in the game, so make sure you choose to save Erin. Once you save Erin, you’ll realize that Kate’s pod is damaged and that she can be rescued using the window.

This will ensure both characters survive the trap. Remember, if you choose to save Kate or do nothing, Erin will go and join the great audio booth in the sky.

Reflection – Saving Jamie (later)

You’ll be given the option to give either Jamie or Kate a screwdriver to use as a weapon against Du’Met. It actually doesn’t matter who gets it, as both characters can use it to survive a future encounter. However, we recommend you give the screwdriver to Jamie.

You’ll find out why in the Director’s Suite chapter.

Director’s Suite – Saving Jamie

You’ll now find two of your characters in yet another Saw-style trap. This time a wall will be closing in on one of your characters which could crush them to death. Jamie has the power to either kill Kate or let the wall crush her instead.

The good news is, if the wall is directed toward whoever has the screwdriver, then they can use this to cheat and escape the trap. As we gave the screwdriver to Jamie, she can then decide to save Kate and direct the wall towards her, using the tool to escape death.

Once again, two of our heroines will survive the trap and move on to the next sinister chapter.

Chase – Saving Jamie & Erin

In this scene, our protagonists will be running from Du’Met who’s wielding an axe and gaining on them. When Du’Met lunges for Jamie, you’ll need to choose to save her instead of fleeing. This will allow both characters to escape the killer’s grasp and keep moving. If you flee instead, Jamie is done for.

Your characters will arrive in a barn and will be given the option to either barricade the door or keep running. Choose to keep running, as all the barricading the door will do is slow you down – not Du’Met.

If you select Barricade instead of Run, then Erin will be in danger as Du’Met will close in on her. If this happens, tell Erin to run, don’t tell her to climb. Climbing will result in Erin’s death.

However, this predicament can be avoided entirely if you don’t barricade the door!

Supermassive GamesMark is a decent sort, and Erin is most frequently in danger.

How to get the best ending for The Devil in Me

We’re in the endgame now – and things are more deadly than ever. The good news is everyone is alive as you’ve followed the above instructions.

Here’s what you need to do to make sure everyone stays in one piece to get the best ending in The Devil in Me.

Homestead – Saving Connie (the dog)

This chapter will see you decide the fate of Connie the dog.

Depending on your choices, you may find one of your characters hiding in a shack whilst Du’Met stalks around looking for you. You’ll be cowering in a corner with Connie who’ll be growling at Du’Met.

Your character will be tempted to kill Connie with a broken bottle, but this is pointless. Connie will eventually bark at Du’Met, revealing your hiding place, but Du’Met will find you regardless.

Choose not to kill Connie for both you and the dog will escape the killer’s clutches.

Lighthouse – Saving Charlie

In this chapter, Charlie will be under suspicion of colluding with Du’Met. He hasn’t, of course, but Erin’s paranoia can eventually cost Charlie his life. Choose to reassure Erin when the time comes.

If you choose to be afraid of Charlie, the characters will tie him up and leave him to die once Du’Met catches up to them.

Lake – Saving everyone

Depending on your choices, Mark may have attached a drill bit to his camera stick earlier in the game. If not, then choose to grab the spray when the cop offers it to you – before he’s murdered by Du’Met.

When the cop drops his weapon, tell Erin to act in an authoritative manner and grab the gun. You’ll then need to pass a QTE to keep Erin alive. If you fail this, Erin’s journey ends.

As our five protagonists and a dog are escaping on the boat, Du’Met will come back for one final scare. Charlie will be attacked by Du’Met first as the characters sail to freedom, you’ll need to pass a quick QTE to ensure he survives. Failing it will see Charlie fall at the final hurdle.

Charlie will jump off the boat into the water and Erin will fall in, then Connie will try to defend Jamie from Du’Met before the dog is also thrown into the water. Jamie will have the choice to fight Du’Met or jump to safety, while Jamie can successfully fend off the killer, she’ll end up in the water with Charlie, Erin and Connie anyway, so to make life easier, choose for Jamie to jump off the boat.

Mark will then need to pass a series of QTEs to fend off Du’Met. Pass these to keep Mark alive, failing them will result in a grisly death. You’ll then need to pass more QTEs as Kate and Mark to escape from your murderous host. This is easier if you have the drill bit or spray from earlier, but you don’t need these things to survive here.

Supermassive GamesJamie is often willing to sacrifice herself for others.


Should you pass all these final QTEs as Kate and Mark, the murderous Du’Met will be trapped and the protagonists will join their friends in the water before all swimming to shore.

If you followed the above correctly, then you’ll have saved everyone in the Devil in Me and unlocked the good ending. Now, Kate, Mark, Jamie, Erin, Charlie and Connie will all be seen sitting together discussing their future as the ending plays out.

So there you have it, how to save everyone in The Devil in Me, for a sneak peek of what’s next for The Dark Pictures Anthology, check out everything we know about the Season Two premiere here.

We’ve also explained what was going on with Du’Met in the game’s ending too if you’re still unsure what went down before the credits rolled.

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