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Rell rework in League of Legends Season 13 leans into “mounted fantasy”

Rell rework in League of Legends Season 13 leans into “mounted fantasy”  Image
  • Posted on 18th Nov, 2022 06:45 AM

Rell's long-awaited mid-scope update is locked in with the support undergoing a major rework in League of Legends Season 13.

Rell’s long-awaited mid-scope update is finally arriving in League of Legends Season 13. The support’s rework will lean heavily into her “mounted fantasy”, with a leaked kit potentially indicating a shapeshifter-style swap like Jayce, Nidalee, and Elise.

Rell has sat in an awkward spot in League of Legends’ meta since her release. The Iron Maiden took the support role by storm on release, becoming the fancy new engage tank everyone had to learn. 

She thrived in a competitive environment as a Leona-like tank, but could never really get a foothold in the casual player base. Her win rate has never really fluctuated under 50%, but she’s just generally unpopular.

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Riot are trying to change that with a Rell mid-scope update in League of Legends Season 13, leaning into her “mounted fantasy” and making the Iron Maiden a more exciting pick. Here’s how the developers plan to do that.

Riot GamesRell’s mid-scope update aims to increase the Iron Maiden’s popularity in League of Legends.

What’s changing in Rell’s League of Legends rework?

Riot has had a Rell mid-scope update on their radar for some time in League of Legends. Her clunky kit “missed the mark on her fantasy,” Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles told players in April, and that’s mostly to do with the transformation between her forms.

“As we started to balance the champ much later in development we found that her speed in her horse form would cause her optimal play to constantly leave her lane partner behind and just roam the whole game. It ended up being a pretty unhealthy play pattern so we had to nerf her horse movement speed to the point that her unique gameplay identity kind of disappeared.”

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However that fantasy is what Riot are leaning into to try and bring her back to life in Season 13: “[We are] generally looking to smooth out some of the common frustration points and lean into the mounted-dismounted fantasy,” developer Stephen ‘Raptorr’ Auker told players.

Leaked changes started circulating at the end of October, and it’s a total overhaul of the Iron Maiden. The biggest change is transforming her ultimate into her shapeshifting button. Moving it off a basic ability, in line with the likes of Jayce, Nidalee, and Elise, opens up plenty of opportunities for Rell.

Unlike the other three, her abilities will reportedly stay the same across forms. Her Q remains largely unchanged, but her W has been reworked into Ferromancer’s Vow according to leaks. This turns Rell unstoppable, charging towards ally champions and giving them a shield. Her reworked E will be host to her old ultimate, pulling enemies in and stunning them.

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However this is all based on leaks ⁠— Riot could have pivoted into something entirely different, or they could have been off-base from the beginning. We will update you once the developers release Rell’s reworked kit publicly.

Rell mid-scope update release date in League of Legends

Rell’s mid-scope update is expected to launch sometime in League of Legends Season 13, early in 2023. It is currently “in flight”, according to August ‘August’ Browning, so expect more solid news soon.

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