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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet gym order: All paths level order

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet gym order: All paths level order  Image
  • Posted on 18th Nov, 2022 20:54 PM

Here is the correct order to take on Pokemon Scarlet & Violet's gyms, titans, and Team Star members according to the level of their Pokemon.

With Pokemon Scarlet & Violet being the series’ first open-world experience, it’s easy for players to get turned around. This guide will help players find their way around Paldea by showing which order they should take on the game’s gyms, titan, and Star Street challenges.

Pokemon games are traditionally pretty linear. Players go from one gym to the next in a set order and are periodically interrupted by the game’s antagonists. But Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are different.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet offers three distinct storylines spread across an open world. While there isn’t any level scaling, players can choose to progress these storylines in any order they see fit. If players want to face the gym in Glaseado Mountain with level 40+ Pokemon, they can right off the rip.

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But for those who want a more traditional Pokemon experience where they face gyms and challenges that gradually increase in level, we’ve got you covered. This guide will show players the proper gym order in Scarlet & Violet, as well as what order they should tackle the Path of Legends and Operation Star Street.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet level order: gyms, titan, & Team Star

In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, there are three different storylines, and each challenge within each storyline can be completed in any order:

  • Victory Road (gym battles)
  • Path of Legends (Titan Pokemon)
  • Operation Star Street (Team Star battles)

Here is the proper level order of challenges, as well as where each one is located on the map of Paldea:

Here is the correct order to play through Pokemon Scarlet & Violet according to levels.

1. Bug Gym Leader Katy – Cortondo

The first stop on a trainers’ journey through Paldea is Cortonda, home of the Bug-type gym leader Katy. This gym is a bit of a pushover because of the low level and type disadvantage.

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Katy’s Team:

Nymph Bug14
TeddiursaBug (Tera Type)15

2. Klawf Titan – South Province (Area Three)

Next is Klawf, the Crab Titan Pokemon, which introduces players to how Titan battles work throughout the rest of the story. And once again, this low-level encounter isn’t much to remark at.


3. Grass Gym Leader Brassius – Artazon

Artazon’s gym leader is yet another that opens its Pokemon up to a world of weaknesses, and it also doesn’t help that his Pokemon are only marginally higher level than that of Gym one.

SudowoodoGrass (Tera Type)17

4. Bombirdier Titan – West Province (Area One)

Bombirdier is where battles start to get a little bit tough if players don’t start paying attention to their Pokemon’s levels or type matchups. It’s also easy to stumble upon early if players tread off the beaten path.

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5. Team Star leader Giacomo – West Province (Area One)

While heading toward Cascarrafa from the Bombirdier Titan, players will stumble upon the lowest-level Team Star camp. It’s ruled by Team Star’s Dark-type leader Giacomo, and it introduces into how Team Star likes to do battle.


6. Electric Gym Leader Iono – Levincia

The high-energy streamer who doubles as a gym leader – Iono – is next on the list. While her Pokemon’s levels may not match the height of her energy, their type advantages can make an unprepared trainer wish they never joined her live stream.

MismagiousElectric (Tera Type)24

7. Team Star leader Mela – East Province (Area One)

Team Star’s fire leader is another trainer that opens themselves up to fundamental type disadvantages. She may be up there in levels, but dousing this trainer with water is a super effective tactic.

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8. Orthworm Titan – East Province (Area Three)

This titan encounter can be pretty underwhelming, depending on your choice of starter. Even a low-level Fuecoco evo can easily take down this titan since it’s feeble against fire-type moves. But checking this one off gives players yet another upgrade for their Legendary bike.


9. Water Gym Leader Kofu – Cascarrafa

Cascarrafa’s Water-type gym leader can put a hurting on trainers if they go into this fight unprepared. Veluza alone is enough to cause trouble, but Kofu’s ace Crabominable is an absolute powerhouse save for its Tera Type change.

CrabominableWater (Tera Type)30

10. Team Star Leader Atticus – Tagtree Thicket

Atticus is a formidable foe mainly due to his ability to set poison. This can quickly whittle away a Pokemon’s health if the battle is too long, so players will want to be ready to deal with his Poison-type setup.

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11. Normal Gym Leader Larry – Medali

Medali’s gym leader is the unassuming Normal-type wielder, Larry. Leave your Ghost-types at home for this battle, and make sure to stock up on Fighting-type moves and Larry will be easy to take down despite the level of his Pokemon.

StaraptorNormal (Tera Type)36

12. Ghost Gym Leader Ryme – Montenevera

For this next gym, trainers will have to trek deep into Glaseado Mountain to reach the town of Montenevera. Here, Ryme waits to battle trainers with her Pokemon or lyrical prowess. Luckily, Paldea is filled with new and returning Ghost-types that can help even the playing field.

Toxtricity (Low Key Form)Ghost (Tera Type)42

13. Future/Past Donphan Titan – Asado Dessert

Here is where players will be introduced to the first Paradox Pokemon, which happens to be a Titan. If you are in Pokemon Violet, you will fight Future Donphan, aka Iron Treads. And Scarlet players will face Past Donphan, aka Great Tusk.

Iron TreadsGround/Steel44
Great TuskGround/Fighting44

14. Psychic Gym Leader Tulip – Alfornada

Alfronada is a town you can easily wander into early in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, but you won’t want to take on Tulip until much later in your playthrough. Her Psychic Pokemon are no joke and are tough to take down, even with a high-level team.

FlorgesPsychic (Tera Type)45

15. Ice Gym Leader Grush – Glaseado

Players will again need to trek up Glaseado Mountain to take on the final gym leader, Grusha. And with a team of powerful Ice-type Pokemon, it makes sense for them to be the final stepping stone before the elite four.

AltariaIce (Tera Type)48

16. Team Star Leader Ortega – North Province (Area Three)

As the snow dissipates in the far northern regions of Paldea, players will find the camp of Team Star’s fairy-type leader Ortega. He isn’t the most challenging trainer, but a team of level 50+ Pokemon is no pushover.


17. Dondozo & Tatsugiri Titans – Casseroya Lake

This titanous duo is the penultimate challenge for the three main paths of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and it also concludes the Path of Legends. It fits for a battle this challenging grants the trainer the final Legendary bike upgrade.


18. Team Star Leader Eri – North Province (Area One)

Eri is all that stands between the trainer and the end-game content. Overcoming this elite Team Star Leader’s team of Fighting-type Pokemon is no small feat, especially considering the Team Star challenge beforehand. Still, it’s a final battle worthy of putting Team Star to rest.


From here, players will have to take on equally challenging battles against the Elite Four, Casseiopia, and Arven. This will lead to a fairly linear post-game with few options to explore.

And that’s all there is to know about locating Spiritomb in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Those looking to find out more about Pokemon Scarlet & Violet can check out our other guides below:

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