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Most popular Charizard Pokemon cards of all time: Base Set, Gold Star, Skyridge

Charizard is the undisputed king when it comes to rarity and value in the TCG, so here are the 10 most popular Charizard Pokemon cards.

  • Posted on 06th May, 2022 15:55 PM
Most popular Charizard Pokemon cards of all time: Base Set, Gold Star, Skyridge Image

The Pokemon Trading Card Game has many legendary cards, but Charizard is the undisputed king when it comes to rarity and value. Here are the most popular 10 Charizard Pokemon cards of all time in 2022.

While technically not a legendary or mythical Pokemon, Charizard is one of the most well-known and beloved Pokemon in the entire franchise. A flying, fire-breathing dragon, Charizard oozes cool and is one of the most powerful Pokemon in the original 150 ‘Pocket Monsters’ series.

Charizard was the crown jewel of the original Base Set of the Pokemon Trading Card game, and this status has followed the ‘mon even decades later. While bigger, rarer, and more powerful Pokemon have appeared in the games, Charizard’s appeal has endured, and in the TCG, the dragon still reigns supreme.


However, as only 75 of them are believed to exist, the card became legendary almost overnight. The true genius of this card lies in the nostalgia, not the holofoil design. The card tapped into the collector’s love for the original gen 1 Charizard card and created an opportunity for a select few to own a new and revived version.

Although, to some, it’s simply a pale imitation and will never match the original in terms of prestige.

Pocket Monsters Japanese Topsun Charizard – Holo

  • Release Date: 1995

Another Charizard Pokemon card that came out before the TCG became huge, this card also has incredibly humble beginnings. It, along with all the other Pokemon cards in its set, was sold as gifts inside packs of gum!

However, while many of the cards in this set were mass-produced, the same cannot be said for this card. This Charizard card was one of the rarest in the set, and Prism cards we only included in every 1 in 40 packs, with Charizard being the rarest. The set was discontinued when the TGC rebranded, making them even rarer.

Today, only 18 of them are known to exist, and the chances of more turning up get slimmer with each passing year. The last known sale was on eBay, where the card sold for £13,000!

Neo Destiny Shining Charizard 1st Edition

  • Release Date: 2002

The Shiny Neo Destiny Charizard Pokemon card is sought after mainly for its rarity, but it’s also considered supremely cool by collectors. The Neo sets also marked the last time the Pokemon TGC would print first edition cards, and that makes this Shiny Charizard extra special. In many ways, it’s the last of its kind and represents the end of an era.

However, the fact that it’s a Charizard card (and a Shiny) also helps it stand above other cards in the Neo Destiny set.

Japanese Basic Charizard Holo – No Rarity Symbol

  • Release Date: 1996

Those familiar with Pokemon cards will notice two things about this card: First, it’s the original, classic Base Set Charizard card, and second, it’s a Japanese edition. What really makes this card special is that it’s a misprint.

The card is considered a ‘No Rarity Symbol’ card from the Japanese Base Set. These were later updated to include the missing symbols, so collectors could attest to the rarity of their cards. However, the fact that some cards existed without rarity symbols made them incredibly rare themselves and caused their value to skyrocket.

Naturally, the version of the already legendary Charizard card would become the most sought-after. Despite being a misprint, this card was even rarer than the re-printed version, meaning collectors fell over themselves to snag one.

Team Rocket Dark Charizard – Holo

  • Release Date: 2000

The 2000 Team Rocket Charizard showed a darker side to the dragon Pokemon. The ‘Dark Pokemon’ cards were a hit, but something about the bad guys having their own Charizard made the Pokemon even cooler and scarier.

The 1st Edition Dark Charizard of this set became iconic. Charizard’s face, bathed in darkness said it all, this was a card that was used for evil, and a rogue Charizard was a truly frightening concept. However, Pokemon fans loved the idea and the card is still known and talked about to this day.

So, there you have it — the 10 most popular Charizard Pokemon cards of all time in 2022.

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