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Jinnytty calls out “ridiculous” Twitch ban over sponge toy

Jinnytty calls out “ridiculous” Twitch ban over sponge toy  Image
  • Posted on 11th Nov, 2022 13:45 PM

Jinny has been banned from Twitch - her fourth ban from the platform, but the reason is currently unclear.

Twitch IRL and variety streamer Jinny has been banned for a fourth time, and the second time in 2022 alone, this time over a sponge toy with a suggestive appearance.

A member of TSM since October, Jinny has had her account suspended on multiple occasions previously, twice for violations related to dangerous driving. Back in October 2020, Jinny was banned for reckless driving on a scooter.

She was then more recently banned in August 2022, after once again crashing while riding a scooter, although it’s not been confirmed if this was in fact the exact reason for the ban.

As of November 11, Jinny’s Twitch account is once again suspended.

Why was Jinny banned?

Jinny was actually streaming on a different channel, Crown, on November 10, sparking some confusion about why her own account was banned.

On the Crown channel, which was also featuring fellow streamers FanFan and SupCaitlin, Jinny was showing ‘magic tricks’, using a questionably shaped foam object.

While the Crown channel has not been suspended, Jinny’s own channel has been. Jinny responded on Twitter, confirming, “I got banned cause of this sponge c**k magic show are u kidding me I’m dying laughing legit not even sexual but Twitch being ridiculous not the first time”

Despite this being her fourth ban this year, Jinny’s channel currently states that it is temporarily unavailable due to a violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines, so the suspension is not permanent.


Twitch does not comment on community guidelines violations to protect the privacy of users.

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