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JGOD claims Modern Warfare 2 fails to capture CoD’s “golden days”

JGOD claims Modern Warfare 2 fails to capture CoD’s “golden days”  Image
  • Posted on 19th Sep, 2022 20:58 PM

JGOD shared his first impressions of Modern Warfare 2 and there were more cons than pros after playing the Open Beta.

Modern Warfare 2’s beta received a mixed reception from players, and popular YouTuber JGOD’s review contained more cons than pros.

Modern Warfare 2’s Open Beta began on September 16 for PlayStation players. JGOD played even earlier, testing Warzone 2 and multiplayer at CoD Next one day earlier.

Players didn’t hold back from slamming Modern Warfare 2’s new features. They blasted “b*llsh*t Ghost Perk changes, “loud” footstep audio, and the removal of Y-Y reloading. Activision issued minor bug fixes, but not to the degree players hoped.

After testing four core 6v6 maps, two ground-war maps, and Warzone 2, JGOD shared his early impression of Modern Warfare 2.

ActivisionModern Warfare 2’s first beta weekend ends after today.

JGOD less than impressed with Modern Warfare 2 beta

In JGOD’s latest video, he gave his first impressions of Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer.

One of his biggest takeaways was that Call of Duty no longer operates under the same philosophy.

“At the end of the day, it’s about Activision making as much money as possible,” JGOD said. The YouTuber added It’s not about making a game the best possible experience but making it approachable for casual players.

JGOD’s frustrations stem from Modern Warfare 2’s audio, skill-based matchmaking, weak spawns, mini-map design, and camping problems.

Modern Warfare 2 was marketed to cater to three different playstyles; Rushers, Sentinels, and Stalkers. Rushers play aggressively, Sentinels camp and hold angles, and Stalkers are reactionary and play objectives rather than going for kills.

JGOD does not believe Activision followed through with its promise of rewarding different playstyles.

“Audio is way too loud, and you are encouraged to stand still because if you are going on a flank, they hear the footsteps and pre-aim where you are coming from, JGOD said. “It leads to a lot of punishing gameplay.”

Another gripe of his deals with the game’s spawns. “These are up there with the worst spawns in CoD, right up there with Modern Warfare 2019.” 

The YouTuber claimed the original Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3 were the “golden days” of CoD, but Modern Warfare 2 2022 doesn’t reach the same standard.

“The systems and philosophies are completely different, and many of those things are built around the casual player.”

JGOD liked the game’s map design, weapon upgrade system, and aesthetics, but it fails to draw in the CoD expert like other iterations have.

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