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Is getting DMCA banned the new Twitch meta?

Pokimane and DisguisedToast have been punished for watching TV shows on stream, but have their bans spawned a new Twitch meta?

  • Posted on 21st Jan, 2022 17:15 PM
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While Twitch’s TV show meta is seemingly coming back to bite risky streamers, these bans might be a new strategy for the platform’s largest creators.

But smaller or more controversial streamers might not have this same luxury. Sure, DisguisedToast probably didn’t expect a month-long ban after Poki’s 48-hour suspension. But is a month of forced vacation really that bad?

The rewards of the Ban Meta

dr disrespect banned on twitch Dr Disrespect returned to hundreds of thousands of viewers after an extended time away from streaming.

Other than an increase in viewers while tempting the DMCA fates, there are other reasons the DMCA ban meta may seem appealing. As we just mentioned, banned streamers get to take a vacation without the fear of their viewers getting mad. Playing the pity card so your viewers sympathize with you is also an effective strat to avoid backlash.

This month off can also be used to transition into a rebranding. Streamers can take half the month off, and then hype up their return for a monumental comeback stream.

Conversely, there is a chance that a month away from streaming could hurt a streamer’s viewership. However, some streamers have seen a record number of viewers when returning after a long break (i.e. Shroud with 500k, Dr Disrespect with 300k).

Should you get banned on Twitch?

toast and poki banned The initial reports of Poki and Toast’s bans have netted thousands of impressions.

Before you go booting up your stream and scrolling through the Netflix catalog, you need to weigh the pros and cons of this potential ban meta. Ask yourself: Are you a streamer Twitch can’t afford to lose? If you average less than 1,000 viewers per stream, the answer is no.

The current punishment for streaming TV shows is a one-month ban, but that doesn’t mean Twitch won’t resort to permabans. And if you aren’t in Twitch’s good graces, you could be the first to lose your spot on the platform for good.

But it’s hard not to want to test the waters when you see the numbers streamers like Poki and Toast are pulling. Even the initial reports of their bans are netting them a ton of exposure.

In short, getting banned for watching TV is an extremely risky tactic, but it might be the new meta. Larger streamers lead by example, and who wouldn’t want a slice of that pie. And until the ban meta suffers a real casualty, you can expect to see more streamers in headlines farming clout from watching TV.

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