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HusKerrs says Warzone 2 is “chalked” for mouse & keyboard players

HusKerrs says Warzone 2 is “chalked” for mouse & keyboard players  Image
  • Posted on 18th Nov, 2022 18:05 PM

HusKerrs has run the gamut in Call of Duty and he thinks that Warzone 2 is "chalked" for mouse and keyboards players.

HusKerrs claims Warzone 2 is completely chalked for mouse and keyboard players after a few days of in-game experience.

HusKerrs is one of the most accomplished Call of Duty players in the world. A veteran of the Search & Destroy tournament scene before leaving to take on the entire battle royale genre, he has truly seen everything there is to see in terms of competitive FPS gameplay.

The experience gives him a well-rounded perspective not only on the franchise that his roots are in but also on quality standards across the industry and after going hands-on with Warzone 2 for a few days, he figures it’s going to be a tough game for those who prefer to play on mouse and keys as opposed to controller.

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HusKerrs gives grim mouse and keyboard verdict for Warzone 2

It’s no secret that Warzone 2 is a very different game from its predecessor. Whether looting or fighting, there are some major changes across the board in this new era.

Between the arrival of a new movement system, revamped aim assist, and a completely new roster of weapons, there are a lot of fresh things to get used to in Al Mazrah as compared to Verdansk or Caldera.

All of these updates (combined with some frustrating issues that only seem to affect PC players) make using M+K a very different experience than playing on controller and HusKerrs reckons it’s just too much to overcome for now.

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“Warzone 2 on MnK is chalked,” he tweeted, sparking a thread of players gathering to share their complaints.

One such fan noted that they used to play Warzone for four hours a day but that the sequel is “not fun at all” and feels like an outdated experience.

Another player agreed, calling it a “painful” experience that “needs a lot of work” before being on par with the previous incarnation.

It’s still early days so the WZ2 team still has time to improve the experience all around, but for now, it looks like it’ll be rough going for the MnK diehards.

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HusKerrs says Warzone 2 is “chalked” for mouse & keyboard players View Story

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