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How to respawn Tera Raid dens in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

How to respawn Tera Raid dens in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet  Image
  • Posted on 22nd Nov, 2022 17:35 PM

Here is how Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players can reset their Tera Raid dens so they can keep hunting Herba Mystica and rare Tera Types.

Tera Raids are Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s answer to Sword & Shield’s Max Raid, but instead of static dens, Tera Dens spawn at random locations around the map that despawn after each raid.

Raids were a new multiplayer mechanic introduced in Pokemon Sword & Shield that have somewhat carried over into Scarlet & Violet. A group of four players – or one player and three NPCs – battle it out against powerful Pokemon, and pulling off a win nets the player with some sweet goodies.

In Sword & Shield, these Raid Dens appeared in fixed locations around the Wild Area, and players could use items to start a new raid at any den. But in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, the Tera Raid Dens disappear after a successful raid, meaning players must hunt down more dens to continue raiding.

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However, some players might wonder how to get new Tera Raids to spawn. Here is everything you need to know about Tera Raid spawns in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

How to reset Tera Raid spawns in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Players may have noticed that the in-game time of day and weather patterns don’t reflect the actual time it is IRL. But that doesn’t mean that real-world time doesn’t affect the game at all.

In fact, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Tera Raid locations and Mass Outbreaks reset at midnight local time. Players will notice when the clock strikes 12, messages appear in-game, alerting them that new Mass Outbreaks have appeared. But there is a way to manually reset all Tera Raid Den locations.

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  • Close out of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
  • Navigate to your Switch’s settings
  • Scroll down to ‘System’ and select ‘Date and Time’
  • Turn off Synchronize Clock via Internet
  • Change time to 11:55-11:58 PM *DO NOT CHANGE THE DATE*
  • Launch Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
  • Wait for time to manually tick over to midnight

The reason you do not want to change the date is that Pokemon games will lock players out of all timed events for 24 hours if it senses players have attempted to advance the day. However, setting the time close to midnight and allowing it to tick over on its own won’t punish players.

This trick can be repeated to manually reset the entire map until the player has found the Tera Raid or Mass Outbreak they desire.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet map at 11:59 PM (left) vs. 12:00 AM (right)

How to respawn Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

If you don’t want to mess with your console’s settings or want to continue raiding normally, you’ll be happy to know that new Tera Raids spawn as old ones are completed. However, this does mean players will have to take on low-star raids to get new ones to spawn.

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Five and Six-star Tera Raids are rare, meaning they won’t always spawn. So players wanting to farm Herba Mystica, Ability Capsules, and Bottle Caps will either have to depend on online raids or mow through 1-4 star raids to get new high-tier raids to take their place.

And that’s all there is to know about respawning Tera Raid dens in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Be sure to check out the additional guides below for all of the latest tips and tricks to help you out in Gen 9:

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