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How to get VC fast in NBA 2K23: MyCareer, daily prize, more

How to get VC fast in NBA 2K23: MyCareer, daily prize, more  Image
  • Posted on 16th Sep, 2022 10:58 AM

Virtual Currency is the key to NBA 2K23 as you can buy lots of great stuff with it, so here are the fastest ways to earn it in the game.

NBA 2K23 has plenty of VC for plucky players to earn, and owning it is paramount if you want to unlock cool items in MyCareer and MyTeam, so you need the fastest ways to get VC in NBA 2K23.

When you’re not living out your dreams of being a fully-fledged NBA star, you’re flying around the game’s menus wondering how to spend your VC, as well as seeing if there are any ways to add more to your total.

Good news, there are plenty of ways for you to earn extra VC on top of playing NBA 2K23 itself! This is why we’ve put together a handy guide to show you the absolute fastest and most efficient ways to obtain more VC in the game.

NBA 2K23 VC fastest methods


A really easy one to take advantage of here as you just need to head to the ‘2KTV’ option and answer some questions, bank some VC, and it will only take you minutes to do as well!

Keep doing them and you’ll rack up VC in no time without even playing the game.

Ante Up

Probably the most volatile method in the entire game as Ante Up is pretty much gambling on yourself to win. Simply select how much of your VC you’re prepared to risk, win your game, and watch as your VC grows.

2K GamesDo you have what it takes to gamble your VC to win more?

Daily Challenge

If you’re a MyCareer regular then you’ll likely know that the mode provides a Daily Challenge to complete over the course of several games.

To find it, go to the ‘Quest Journal’ and you should see the unlock conditions for you to meet.

City MVP Objectives

MVP Objectives are a serious way to make some big VC in the game and should definitely be under your NBA 2K23 microscope.

Monitor the missions, play lots of MyCareer, and accrue stacks of currency.

Daily Pick’em

The Daily Pick’em tests your knowledge of real-life NBA — and your luck.

Take a stroll in the neighborhood and lay down your predictions for NBA games, and if your clairvoyance skills are on point, then you can easily make some serious VC bank.

Daily Rewards

Another daily reward you to claim is in MyCareer’s neighborhood hub area. Again, each day, head into the mode and from the City’s main map feature, select ‘Claim Daily Reward,’ and watch as your VC total increases.

2K GamesLog in each day and you’ll be dutifully rewarded.

Daily Trivia

Another method that doesn’t require you to play the game to earn VC is the Daily Trivia option which can be accessed throgh your smartphone in MyCareer.

Answer some questions, prove your smarts, and bring home a bucketload of VC in NBA 2K23.

Locker Codes

Locker Codes are free codes that can be dished out via social media and other means and they will occassionally hand out VC as part of these free goodies. So keep an eye out and you might get lucky with a Locker Code.

We have a complete Locker Code guide here that we udpate regularly.


Here’s a novel concept, a surefire way to earn tons of VC is to actually just play the game itself. MyCareer provides one of the best ways to do that as you play match after match and season after season, earnignt ons of VC along the way.

NBA 2K23 App

Download the NBA 2K23 app to your smartphone and make sure you’re logging in each day to scoop up some free VC.

As well as that, the app also has some mini-games you can play to stack the VC as well.

Play Now Online

If you prefer your gameplay to be against another human being, then ‘Play Now Online’ is the perfect avenue here as you cans till earn tons of VC for playing the game you paid for.

Get into a groove, reel off a long series of games, and your VC counter will thank you for it.

2K GamesOnline play is a great source of VC in NBA 2K23.


Quests in MyCareer is just one of many ways players can earn VC in NBA 2K23 and there are simply tons of them to complete. Make sure you thoroughly check out every category and sub-category and rinse the game of its VC its offering.

Even if you have to go out of your way to complete some of these challenges, the payoff will be worth it.

Season Events

The City has multiple opportunities throughout the season under ‘Season Events,’ and this gives you ample chance to make the most of the game’s event schedule.

Keep an eye out for regular changes in the planning and guarantee you’re keeping on top of these important VC-earning offers.

Theater 4

The Theater represents another path for players to explore if they want VC and we’d highly recommend you station yourself at Theater 4. Squads aren’t permitted in Theater 4, meaning your wait time will be less, increasing your potential VC rate, and matchmaking is more friendly.

The Cage

One of the appeals of matches in a cage is that it’s a fun distraction form the usual heated hostilities of an actul basketball court environment.

Here, you can perform fouls to your heart’s content and spring off of trampolines to land the most insane dunks on your opponent to earn reap the rewards in the process. More VC!

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