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How Monument Valley's "lucky" success saved the company behind it

Dexerto speaks to Monument Valley developers Ustwo Games about the franchise's legacy ahead of the Panoramic Collection bringing it to PC.

  • Posted on 21st Jun, 2022 14:34 PM
How Monument Valley's "lucky" success saved the company behind it Image

Dexerto speaks to Ustwo games about Monument Valley and its legacy ahead of a PC release in 2022.

“Someone who joined the company recently told me that it was used as an example in one of his film school classes; this weekend I met an 8-year-old who loves it and wasn’t even born when it was launched.”

Between both Monument Valley titles, the team at Ustwo is humble in its response to being asked how the franchise has changed the studio and the lives of its employees.

How Monument Valley's "lucky" success saved the company behind itIda’s world has gotten a lot bigger.

“It’s safe to say that the company and all our jobs probably wouldn’t exist without the success of Monument Valley,” says Pashley.

“I’d like to claim that we’re all so super-talented that we would have come up with something else amazing, but any success like this has so much luck involved. We were lucky to have a good idea, to be the right team to make it, and to have the right ecosystem to launch it into.”

“You couldn’t expect to have that level of success with a short premium game in today’s mobile ecosystem.”

The future of the franchise

In any case, Ustwo assured us that Monument Valley 3 is “glinting tantalizingly on the horizon”, making a PC port a perfect way to bring the franchise to new audiences before it arrives.

“We’ve thought about doing this for a long time, but we’ve always said that we wouldn’t do it just for the sake of it, we’d need to do a really good job of it, not just to expand the canvas of the game but also to make sure that playing it with a mouse feels as good as the original touchscreen.”

“There’s so much subtlety to the game’s design that we couldn’t ask anyone else to do it, and it’s only been recently that we have had the people and the time to make it happen. It’s been a lot of work, but also a real pleasure to go back to the two games and metamorphosize them into something slightly different for a new audience.”

“The first time I played the game with expanded canvas it just felt right – it adds so much atmosphere and immersion to the experience. Monument Valley has always been a play experience that grabs people, that holds their attention, but having it take up your whole field of view is almost like playing it in VR. It really felt like getting to experience Monument Valley for the first time all over again.”

Monument Valley: Panoramic Collection launches on July 12 on PC.

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