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How Elyse Myers became TikTok's biggest mental health advocate

For Mental Health Awareness month, we were able to sit down and talk with TikToker Elyse Myers about how she advocates for mental health.

  • Posted on 06th May, 2022 18:30 PM
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Elyse Myers’ viral content on TikTok has cemented her position as the biggest mental health advocate on the platform — and she is ramping up those discussions for Mental Health Awareness month. 

Another challenge has been her mission to level up the content she produces, in fear of their fanbase losing interest – a feeling that will resonate with even the top streamers and TikTokers.

She said: “I struggle with comparing myself to myself almost to my detriment. Being a content creator and putting stuff out every day, with my anxiety I can feel like I’m always behind, I’m not doing enough, I’m not giving enough, and I need to do more. 

Because my life is so public, I’m scared I’m going to lose people’s favor. I get fearful that I’m going to get boring to people but that’s just fear, it’s not reality. I’d rather not burn out, so I need to not believe those intrusive thoughts.”

Elyse Myers shares advice for TikTok success

Elyse also had a few words of advice for aspiring content creators to help with their mental health struggles, which she was elated to share.

“Don’t feel like you have to alter yourself or your content or your story to be more digestible for people. You don’t owe anybody that kind of edit and power over your life,” she explained.

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“The more you can actually talk about things that are happening in your life, the more you can create content that is truthful and honest and something that you’re passionate about, and the more you can create from an authentic place — the more joy you are going to find in it, and the less you’re going to burn out. The more you’re gonna find yourself accepting who you are, the more you’re gonna fall in love with who you are in your life.”

Some of the biggest struggles in content creation involve mental health, whether it be just a day of feeling like you’re not worth it or not doing enough, or more long-term thoughts.

This writer has had his fair share of struggles with mental health throughout the years as well, and one of the best things he’s ever done was to begin talking about it — just like Elyse Myers does to over four million people.

For Mental Health Awareness Month 2022, let’s work together to make talking about mental health just as normal as sharing the weather forecast or telling a friend what you had for lunch.

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