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GTA 6 fans put on red alert Rockstar drop map size clue

GTA 6 fans put on red alert Rockstar drop map size clue  Image
  • Posted on 16th Nov, 2022 21:35 PM

Rockstar Games has started asking GTA Online players about a fast travel feature and it could mean big things in store for GTA 6.

Rockstar Games has opened the door to a feature that could give GTA 6 fans an idea of how big the next map will be.

The game developers have been keeping their cards firmly to their chest since announcing GTA 6 was in development back in February, where they broke a record on Twitter for interactions.

Since then, a handful of leaks have been revealed, teasing some changes that may be coming up for Grand Theft Auto fans. A hacker posted photos and videos of allegedly in-development footage, including unfinished textures and models.

Those wondering how big the next map might have been put on red alert this November, though, as Rockstar sent out surveys about a possible innovation.

GTA survey hints at fast travel

Selected GTA Online players have been approached with feedback surveys, regarding GTA+.

As reported by Tez2, players are asked to pick between two new offerings that don’t yet exist in the online mode, including:

  • Instant fast travel around the map
  • Free access to classic Rockstar games

This could be the dev team just putting feelers out there for new ideas or something bigger – like a clue about possible innovations for GTA 6.

This comes just days after it was reported that select GTA Online players were being given $500,000 in the game to complete surveys. At that stage, limited information was available as to what it contained.

However, Tez2 says those who completed the survey were pitched a very specific version of the feature.

It said: “Ability to fast travel around Los Santos and Blaine County,” which suggests it could even be added sooner than GTA 6.

Other popular open-world games with a fast travel option include Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, and even one under the Rockstar umbrella – Red Dead Redemption.

RDR2, for example, has a 75 square mile map for players to explore, compared to GTA 5’s which is just under 50 square miles.

So, it’s not exactly out of the question for future GTA games, including GTA 6, to have a bigger map that needs to be supported by fast travel. We will just have to wait and see.

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