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Evil Dead: The Game classes - All Survivor & Demon characters, abilities, skills

If you're looking to figure out which character you want to play in Evil Dead: The Game, here's every class' abilities and skills available.

  • Posted on 13th May, 2022 14:30 PM
Evil Dead: The Game classes - All Survivor & Demon characters, abilities, skills Image

If you’re wondering which character or class to play as in Evil Dead: The Game, here’s everything you need to know about each Survivor and Demon’s unique abilities and skills.

Evil Dead: The Game boasts over 15 playable characters to play as while you try to banish the Kandarian Demons as Survivors (or alternatively, to resist defeat from the living), and each one falls into a different class — with plenty of different passive and active abilities available to choose from.

With each of the classes, there’s truly something for everyone, with unique skills changing the way that you can approach a match through a myriad of abilities and upgrades as you try to take home the win.


Each of the three Demon classes has its own unique Boss to play as, and each class also has unique units that can be controlled. Below, we’ve outlined each Boss’ skills and abilities to help you understand the focus of their playstyle.

Evil Dead: The Game classes - All Survivor & Demon characters, abilities, skillsDemon Boss characters can send out basic and elite units to attack or possess.


If you’re a fan of Army of Darkness, the Necromancer class will be exactly the right pick for you. As Evil Ash — the character that (in a campy yet grotesque mental image that is burned into our minds) grows out of Ash’s very own shoulder — you’ll have the ability to summon a skeleton flautist that increases outgoing (and reduces incoming) damage to units that hear it.

Character Active Ability Skills

Evil Ash Increases damage and defense bonuses from the flautist to nearby evil units. Skeletal Support: Summons skeletons to fight. Skeleton Resurrection: Every skeleton that dies within range of the aura comes back to life. Infernal Invigoration: Evil Ash is healed when choking a survivor, which damages them. Cannot be dodged. Dodge: Evil Ash can dodge like a Survivor.


If you’re wanting to try your hand at some skilled possession, you’ll need to look no further than Eligos, the Puppeteer boss. Here, you’re able to control both the minds of the living and your fellow evil foes to up the ante and cause those Survivors to cower in fear.

Character Active Ability   Skills

Eligos Units possessed have more health, and deal more damage. Attacks increase Fear in Survivors. Telekinetic Surge: Immobilizes Survivors with telekinetic power. Casting Stones: Eligos launches rocks at Survivors. Psychic Squeeze: Use telekinetic power to immobilize and damage Survivors. Cannot be dodged.


Finally, we have the Warlord. As powerful as it sounds, this boss’ main focus is to bestow buffs onto its units to increase their damage output, while simultaneously reducing any incoming attacks. As Henrietta, you’ll be the overseer of the battlefield as you use everything at your disposal to push back those pesky humans.

Character Active Ability Passive Skills
Henrietta Generates an aura that increases the power of surrounding evil units for a time. Can only be activated in spirit form. Belly Flop: Henrietta slams herself to the ground, damaging those in the surrounding shockwave. Gas Leak: Henrietta leaves a trail of toxic fumes behind her. Granny Hug: Henrietta squeezes a Survivor’s head. Cannot be dodged.
Evil Dead: The Game classes - All Survivor & Demon characters, abilities, skillsSkill points can be put into a tree to improve your character over time.

Skill trees & skill points in Evil Dead: The Game

While each and every character has its own unique abilities and skills, each class also has its own skill tree. As you play the game and level up, you’ll earn skill points that can be spent on things like decreasing cooldowns, reducing the amount of Infernal Energy needed for possessions, and increasing how much of an item you can carry.

Each character will need to progress through their particular class skill tree separately, though — so if you’re looking to power everyone up as much as possible, you’ll likely need to sink a considerable amount of time into gameplay.

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So, there you have it — that’s everything there is to know about each class and its skills in Evil Dead: The Game.

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