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 Cookie Run Kingdom tier list: Best healer Cookies

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  • Posted on 13th Sep, 2022 11:04 AM

If your Cookie Run: Kingdom party keeps going down, you need a better healer. We've got the best Healer Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Cookie Run: Kingdom’s healers are vital in a battle. They keep the party alive and allow other Cookies to take down the enemy quickly and efficiently. Here are the best healer Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

There are six healers to choose from in Cookie Run: Kingdom and due to it being a gacha game, you’re not guaranteed to get all of them at once. Therefore, it’s helpful that you know what power your Cookies hold and know which ones are worth equipping.

We’ve compiled a list of all the available healer Cookies and found the ones worth using and the ones worth ignoring. Here are the best healers for your party in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

If you’re looking to find the best Healer for your party, look no further than some of these cute Cookies.

TierHealer Cookie
SPure Vanilla Cookie, Sparkling Cookie
ACream Unicorn Cookie, Herb Cookie
BCustard Cookie III
DAngel Cookie

S-Tier Healer Cookies

DevsistersThese are the strongest healer cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Sparkling Cookie

This classic Cookie has the power and personality everyone wants out of a healer. He’s joyous, powerful, and overall a joy to be around. So, when you take into consideration the fact he is only an epic and has a 13-second cooldown along with a huge ration of healing to attack, it’s hard to argue against Sparkling Cookie being in your party.

His skill heals the two allies with the lowest health and increases the entire party’s critical strike chance, meaning they’ll stay alive and deal some fantastic damage.

It makes sense that the only Healer Ancient Cookie available in Cookie Run: Kingdom is the most powerful. While it may be a challenge to get hold of him, he is undeniably the best Healer in the game at the moment.

His skills allow him to both mass heal and absorb damage for the entire party. That combined with some impressive attacks makes him a perfect healer for any player. It may have a longer cooldown than many but even with that disadvantage, Pure Vanilla Cookie is still an S-Tier healer.

A-Tier Healer Cookies

DevsistersThey might not be the most powerful Cookies in the game but they can certainly hold their own.

Herb Cookie

Herb Cookie is the kind of healer that you can just leave and know that your party will likely stay alive and healthy unless you come up against a truly formidable opponent. Pair him up with Clover Cookie and you’ll find your party increasing in both power and health.

His skill both removed debuffs and restores HP meaning you get a great two-for-one deal along with some useful attacks and a fantastically sweet personality.

Cream Unicorn Cookie

As one of the most recent additions to Cookie Run: Kingdom, Cream Unicorn Cookie is often expected to be one of the most powerful healer Cookies in the game. However, when compared to other Epic Cookies and the Ancients, they don’t really hold up.

That isn’t to say they aren’t useful. Cream Unicorn Cookie has a wonderful skill with a quick cooldown and the ability to reduce crit damage along with pausing the enemy’s skills. Both additions can easily change the tide of a battle. The only real issue is the power of their healing, it’s not as good as it could be but when taking into consideration the skill, Cream Unicorn Cookie is well worth having if you manage to get them.

B-Tier Healer Cookies

DevsistersThe first Cookie you find can hold its own but shouldn’t be an end-game healer.

Custard Cookie III

As the first healer Cookie you get in Cookie Run: Kingdom, it can be easy to dismiss them as beginner level and worse than most of the other Cookies. While that’s not far from the truth, Custard Cookie III can still hold up through a fair amount of the beginning to mid-game.

Custard Cookie III can cast absorbing shields, heal hurt party members, and has an impressive attack-to-healing ratio. While he is undeniably a beginner healer, there’s not too much of a rush to change him out if you can’t get higher Cookies.

D-Tier Healer Cookies

DevsistersDespite looking adorable, this D-tier healer is just not worth considering.

Angel Cookie

While Angel is undeniably adorable, they’re far from the most useful or effective healers out of the six currently available.

Angel Cookie has an ability that will heal all your party members and has an impressive cooldown of 15 seconds so could be useful in a pinch but since you get Custard Cookie III before this one, most just don’t bother entertaining this cute Cookie.

Those are all the healers in Cookie Run: Kingdom ranked. Why not take a look at our Cookie Run: Kingdom hub? Or, check out some of these:

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