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7 minor region stars to watch at MSI 2022

Highlighted by experts across the world of competitive League, here are the stars you should be keeping an eye on at MSI 2022.  

  • Posted on 09th May, 2022 15:30 PM
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Want to show some love to the minor regions at MSI 2022? Here are seven minor region stars to keep an eye on throughout the tournament, highlighted by experts across the world of competitive League. 

Scarlet describes him as a “super aggressive” player who is not afraid to take fights wherever they are available. 

“He almost always takes a fight or dive opportunity,” Scarlet explained, “and along with [support] Farfetch he’s great at capitalizing on the smallest of mistakes and turning those tiny advantages into something more.”

Although he’s more than confident on the Aphelios and Jinx picks that have dominated the recent support meta, the TCL playoffs saw him switch to more aggressive champions like Lucian, Kalista, and Samira. He didn’t lose a single game in the TCL playoffs, and racked up impressive KDAs on all three champions. Expect him to shake up the AD Carry meta at MSI this year. 

DetonatioN FocusMe’s Yuta ‘Yutapon’ Sugiura

LJL Unofficial host Alex ‘MaskedSwan’ Swan describes the LJL’s bot lane as the region’s “most competitive role”, with half of the region’s AD Carries being Korean imports. And Yutapon is up there competing with the best of them. 

He had the second-highest KDA of the LJL Spring split at 8.8, second only to his own mid laner, Lee ‘Yaharong’ Chanju. So far in 2022, he has a 90.9% win rate on Jinx with a KDA of 10.3, one of the highest Jinx win rates in an MSI-qualifying league.

And with her strength in the current meta, that Jinx prowess will certainly see him draw some bans at MSI. 

7 minor region stars to watch at MSI 2022Yutapon is another veteran of the international stage- and he’s just as good as he’s ever been.

This MSI will be Yutapon’s sixth international tournament over a nine-year stint in the LJL. LJL unofficial caster Sam ‘Initialise’ Hapgood describes him and top laner Shunsuke ‘Evi’ Murase as “the two best and most veteran Japanese players” who are “just leagues ahead of everyone else” in the region.

And the best thing about Yutapon? He’s not just an AD Carry. He’s also an off-role top laner, and has played top lane multiple times in the LJL. In fact, he’s already gone top lane twice so far this year, with one domestic game each on Renekton and Tryndamere.

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